The mind and body benefits
of our treatments

Reduced stress levels

Acupuncture is a great way to reset your body and reduce the daily stress that can negatively affect health.

Relieves anxiety

Our healthy lifestyle recommendations along with acupuncture treatments are great anxiety reducers.

Boosts energy

A healthier body will have more energy and thrive!

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Our highly trained doctors are a dynamic duo

Drs. Dimitri & Anna have the highest level of training in acupuncture and provide safe and effective treatments that get results.

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  • PowerZen by Cloë

    I’ve been seeing Dimitri 2x week for a few weeks for an Achilles issue I’ve had in my sport and from the word go I was so impressed from the detail of the intake questionnaire (no GP would ask questions like that) to how he explains what he’s doing so you understand. It’s a very safe caring space he has created.
    His treatments are such a cool fusion of many modalities that are chosen depending on the patients needs/body and I’ve loved so much the style He’s used on me.
    My body has responded so well and I’ve been able to train fully since starting treatment which I haven’t been able to do in over a year. So I’m excited to continue with regular treatment so I can get rid of the root issues and then continue with maintenance for my body! Thank you!!

    PowerZen by Cloë

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